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SBI Seminars was formed in 1994 to provide continuing legal education to criminal defense lawyers. Since having our first seminar accredited by the Alabama State Bar we have gained accreditation from the Supreme Court, State Bar or MCLE commission in 28 other states.
Our seminars and workshops are designed to provide practical tactics for the defense of criminal cases…using proven techniques to gather information to attack the evidence and turn police testimony to fit the defense theme & theory of the case.

At SBI we make criminal defense guerrillas….


1) Never Drink the Water. That pitcher of water in front of you is a trap. Drinking the water is a sign of nervousness. It is distracting. The jury does not have water and a juror may be thirsty. What will he/she think as you wet your whistle?

2) Don’t take yourself too seriously. Just as you pick the jurors you like, the jurors pick the lawyer they like. If you are haughty, snobby or too full of yourself and your degree, they won’t like you.

3) Don’t fraternize with the enemy in front of the jury. You can talk about
the ball game after the jury goes out to deliberate. Don’t let the enemy make it look like you aren’t serious about the case by exchanging jokes and guffaws.

4) Never show fear. A jury can smell fear, hear fear and see fear. If you aren’t courageous enough to represent a client, find another job.

5) Have passion. A juror can tell if you care. This case is important. You have the opportunity to protect our Constitution.

6) Don’t object just because you can. Jurors think that objections are meant to hide stuff from them.

7) Use plain talk. Jurors need to know what you mean. Don’t confuse them with legal jargon.

8 ) Don’t hide your cards. If you have a great hand, let the other side know it. They may fold.

9) Summarize the witness testimony. It isn’t leading after the witness has said it. So, for example, ask a question like, you said you followed the blue car for 1/2 mile and saw it cross the center line three times, did it also cross the fog line?

10) Be yourself (unless you are a jerk). Of course, if you are a jerk, you probably won’t last long as a trial attorney. If you are always faking it, you won’t have success.

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