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On the pages that follow you will find the most unique Seminars & Workshops that are available anywhere. These workshops blend what really happens on the street and in the courtroom with the applicable law….

John Gormley is the CRIMINAL DEFENSE & DUI workshop leader. John is a former police trainer and supervisor of selective traffic enforcement units. After spending 10 years as a member of a criminal defense team he put his legal skills to work in developing and presenting workshops for criminal defense lawyers. John’s workshops are accepted by or certified in 29 states for continuing legal education credit. John will provide you with practical strategies from the perspective of an “ex-cop”…with the mindset of a lawyer!

During the year we often feature “specialty” seminars employing skilled and knowledgeable presenters on a variety of criminal defense related topics…..from defending sex crimes….search and seizure issues…..to driver license matters. These specialty seminars and workshops are offered in limited markets and often at the request of various defense organizations. If your organization has a specific topic where our workshops would provide current information and strategy, please contact us.

And….Coming Soon…

New 2-day Criminal Case & DUI Defense Workshops in the “Bootcamp” Format….

Geared to all Skill Levels!

Paralegals, Investigators and Legal Assistants will find our workshops and seminarsgeared to keep them current on the issues and prepare them to assist in the preparation and presentation of the case.

At SBI Seminars we are continually updating our Workshops to keep you informed of the current legal issues and practical strategies. Every seminar is accepted or certified for Continuing Legal Education credit in the state where it is presented and can be submitted for out-of-state credit.

SBI Guarantee:  If you do not think that you received full value for the tuition paid, we will refund the entire fee that you paid. Our only requirement is that you stay for the entire seminar and tell us the reason for your dissatisfaction.
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